Welcome friends! Real Blessed Mama provides practical advice and insights for mamas with a Christian worldview. Fueled by author Morgan Stewart’s heart for mothers ministry, Real Blessed Mama aims to grow mothers in their relationships with themselves, their children, their community, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

Who is Real Blessed Mama?

My name is Morgan Stewart, I am a Chattanooga, TN native. Blissfully (most of the time) married since 2015 to my wonderful husband, Joe. In January of 2019 Jesus chose me to be Mama to a tiny sippy cup throwing, slobber kiss giving, dog loving, rough playing little boy. The first year has been a year filled with the highest highs of my entire life and also some of the lowest pits of total helplessness, as I have learned hard lessons about life and being a baby mama.

Motherhood, as I have lived it, can bring you to place your identity, meaning, and purpose in life into how good at “momming” you are. This is a lapse of judgement which will ultimately leave you feeling worthless, worn out, and worried. OR you can be reminded that your identity is complete in the knowledge that you are a child of the one true God, forgiven and redeemed, set apart, loved, and held. Even on the days when you accidentally smack your kid in the forehead with your phone, can’t get it together enough to get the laundry done, forget the doctors appointment, and let your kid rip up an entire box of tissues (at least he’s sitting still, am I right?) the King of Kings still calls you beloved daughter.

This blog is my me-time, my self care, and my creative outlet. It is a place to provide a unique voice to mamas who maybe haven’t always had (or still don’t have) the best relationship with the Lord, or themselves. Real Blessed Mama strives to encourage women to grow in Christ, as mothers, and as people.